“A Postcard From July” explores my relocation from a rural background to urban dwellings and the revisiting of the past. The main recording on this piece was caught in Spring when the Wood Pigeons were calling – Back then, I placed my microphones on a bird table at my parent’s Farm House – this evokes what I was mentally pining and what I was physically visiting on a weekend in July 2018.

There is a rapid deceleration between the urban conformity of where I currently live, in a Spa town, and the woodlands of my Dad’s farm. Both have strict codes of conduct but that is where the similarity ends. The walks around the farm, in which I get quite breathless, are rich and varied – I patterned the recordings of my walking so that they have a natural, layered echo-like quality – a bit like micro-tonal music. The recording oscillates between rural idyll and a noisy townscape. This is indicative of my to-ing and froing between my parents and my rented accommodation in town. Never settling in town but forced away from the countryside due to health problems.

I hope I have managed to convey my sense of bafflement and wonder during my march around a tamed wilderness. I hope there is a sense to the recording that imbues a naivety of place, a public coming-home that is both sincere and wanted – a place of fond recollection.

I made this for Marine. Marine had invited me down to a party in London but I could not make it due to the journey – so, this is my apology letter, a postcard from a time and place.

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