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I have created a new website that acts as a phone-dump of recent and decent images. You can see the site through the button at the bottom of the page. But, why would I create a new site for sharing only my photos when there is something like Instagram or Flickr? Essentially, privacy and direction.

I have an Instagram account but that is taken up with my day job – it keeps me busy. Facebook? Nope. Fauning for likes would quickly become my main occupation and that is not a road I want to go down. So, I used the Blot CMS to host all of the files in my Dropbox and then it is presented on the web.

I thought long and hard as to the motivation behind setting up another site – an iPhotography site. Principally it boiled down to the fact that I needed to ‘play’ but I needed to ‘play’ on my own terms – as in, I did not want to be bound by the copyright laws of Facebook or have an alternative reason to do this – I just wanted to do this.

Plus, seeming I am blogging, I had better mention that I have been taken on by Yorkshire Art – it is a system of getting into galleries – whether this is achievable as a sound artist I am unsure, but I will keep you posted on developments through the YORKSHIRE ART TAG.

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