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I am a Sound Artist and I have a perception disorder. I choose to create sound art to document the empirical nature of reality. So that I have an absolute record of ‘what happened’ as opposed to what my brain tells me happened.

When I say I am unprofessional, I am by trade a web designer. I keep my hand in Sound Art & music for the sheer pleasure of it; which means you have found the work of someone who creates for the fun of the act of creation, more than someone who creates art to pay the bills.

Born of English and Scottish parents in East Anglia, I have moved around the country on the back of my Dad’s ambition to succeed. I would say I had a good childhood, playing on Farms and in National Parks – pretty idyllic to be honest. This has led me to question the geo-location of creativity – can the Genii Locus of a place be transmitted through recorded/scored media and how does it affect the viewer/listener/recipient? Can you relocate a sense of wonderment through the recorded medium? Although the work I create is recorded almost as an afterthought of the location – a summing up of the place I don’t inhabit – there is a duality between the artist and the artwork.

But, I have had other successes in music. I run the label Focused Silence and I have had five top ten hits on the Beatport Charts in 2017 as a Dub Producer, part of Guerrilla Dub System (www.guerrilladubsystem.co.uk). I also present and produce a radio show on ResonanceEXTRA. My radio show is called The Parish News (www.theparishnews.com).

My first job out of school was as an English Teacher in China – but, I caught malaria and had to come home. It was a bit of an adventure but ultimately a waste of time. I am signed to Getty for the licensing of my images (the ones I distribute) and I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society.

If you want to read what I do as an artist, then please see my Artist Statement. There are details of recordings on my Home Page and there is a contact form for you to get in contact with me on the contact page.


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