The digital art I make compliments the photography I take – both are visual images and both are edited. However, with Photography, the idea is to enhance the image into something pleasing. With Digital/Glitch Art the idea is to take an image and mash it up beyond recognition.





I quite like the destructive/irreversible aspect of the way that digital art is made Рthere is a throw-away quality, almost a trashiness, to them. They are works that are thoroughly democratic Рalmost everybody has a computer and on computers are text editors. To create this digital art I opened the .tiff files in a text editor and messed around with the coding.





Either¬†way – it is a good way to pass a sleepless night. I have made some of the prints I have created available on this site’s shop. Baffled Geography’s Shop Page has had a bit of a re-jig; the prices have come down as I want to make the products on there as democratic as possible and allow everyone to have a piece. The prints featured in this post are up on the shop.



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