Sound Plan

by Tubby Digits | Unknown Album

Go on, press the play button above.

I have been gifted a new pseudonym (Tubby Digits – thanks Matt!) and I have written a new track – I do not know if anything will come of the new name or the new track. I have been playing around with the software Logic for a while – a lot of the Guerrilla Dub System stuff was written on it.

However, with the above track, I let all inhibitions go.

I wanted complete freedom – to try and create what I wanted – & I have come up with an IDM/Chillwave hybrid. There is not much more I want to do to edit this track.

This is one of the few times I have created music where I did not want to shoe-horn my style in to someone else’s …. shoe (?). I did it for the love of creating. I’m happy with it.

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