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The Society of Sought Silence will be a soundscape club. It is the work of me, Andy Backhouse and a bit of a personal project of mine. I will send out five-minute soundscapes to the patrons who frequent my sponsor site at the end of every calendar month. This will motivate me to get out and about in to the town I live – Harrogate, North Yorkshire – as well as practice the craft that got me good write ups in the British Press. 

The soundscapes that make up the Society of Sought Silence – will be delivered digitally and made available as a download. The soundscapes will be comprised of sound-montages and phonography, Sound Art and Text compositions – as well as other assorted sound art. They will be an audio diary of ‘happenstance’ and a collection of the ambience I inhabit.

I have set the tier system to be a one-level tier system, at $1/month – this is the cheapest option I had available to me set by Patreon. Orchestration is the musician’s business – but to hear music in everyday phenomena is a skill we all have and one I hope to help you develop. For more on Andy Backhouse please see www.andybackhouse.com

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