I have been toying around with the Sketch application, by Bohemian Coding. It has a lot of potential. Whilst I am struggling to use it for work purposes, I have been busy making Vector Art with it.

After a quick look at Wiki Commons, I found Wiki Common’s Japanese Damn section. I quite like the juxtaposition of massive industrial and rural idyll. There is a good representation of Japanese Dams on Wiki Commons and all praise goes to the original photographers for their work.

I downloaded their images to my computer and set about tracing the photo as a vector using a Bamboo Graphic Tablet and pen. There is a selected palette of around eight to ten colours and a simplicity that is quite evocative of the mid-twentieth century railway posters of the United Kingdom.

Here are the images –


Nunobiki Dam


Misogawa Dam


Kurobe Dam


Ikehara Dam


Hounenike Dam


Amagase Dam

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